Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Heat Is On

I've packed and tied up nearly every loose end I can think of, which can mean only one thing: it's time to hit the road. The long haul to Busselton begins tonight - my plane leaves San Francisco at 11 PM and lands in Sydney a whole lot of hours later. From there, it's on to Perth for a night and then Busselton via rental car. Getting there's half the fun, right?

I'm going to hold off on race-time speculation until I get to Busso and familiarize myself with the course. I know it's flat and I've heard wind won't be an issue - two very encouraging things. I also know that it'll probably be hot.

The way things look right now, the sun'll be blazing high in the sky on race day and acclimating is going to be of utmost importance. San Francisco's a great place to train for an Ironman, but the climate doesn't provide many opportunities to experience warmth like what I'm going to have to deal with next Sunday. While the course terrain has me thinking about aggressive time split goals on the bike and run, I've got to temper my expectations on account of weather.

Seven days 'til the race... Holy crap, is this for real?