Monday, November 29, 2010

Greetings from Down Under!

Rocky coastline in Bunbury on the way to Busso
I am currently typing this from a classy internet cafe overlooking the water in sunny, quaint shire known as Busselton, Western Australia. If you could see the vast blue expanse of ocean in front of me, you'd be jealous.

My flights were largely uneventful - and that's a good thing. The fourteen-hour leg that took me from San Francisco to Sydney passed quickly even though I wasn't able to sleep much. In Sydney, I had to collect my luggage, pass through customs and then transfer to the domestic terminal for a connection to Perth. That flight felt like it dragged on forever. Fortunately, I arrived in one piece! Unfortunately, one piece of my luggage didn't arrive.

Per Hobe's advice, I had carried on just about everything I'd need for race-day, so it could've been worse. Anyway, I'll pass on describing the stress of having a missing bag and just spoil it for you: it arrived the following day. All is well.

James, Mark and Owen
Last night, I stayed with two super nice people, Mark and Sonia, and their two boys, Owen and James. Bret "One-T" Lobree put me in touch with Sonia after a chance conversation on a bus in Colorado this past summer. Mark filled me in on the latest news from the CFL. Sonia stuffed me with food (a true Italian!) and Owen showed me just about every toy he could find. They also put me up in a nice, air-conditioned room and gave me lifts to and from the airport. Kindness like that just doesn't come 'round every day!

This morning, I picked up a rental car and drove (on the wrong side of the road) down the coast to Busselton. The town is decked in Ironman-related paraphanalia - looks like everyone's pretty excited about the event! Speaking of which, I haven't done any physical activity in a few days and desperately need to take a plunge. The water's too pretty to sit here any longer.

Welcome to Busselton.