Sunday, November 14, 2010


I capped off the fourth (yep, fourth) week of Build this weekend with a busy day that included a three-hour ride, a short run and a 2.5-mile swim in the bay. As a result, I could barely keep my eyes open past 9:00 PM for the second Saturday in a row. I'm tired.

Internally, I'm struggling with some of workout paranoia, like a student who isn't sure they've studied right for their final exam. Have I trained too much? Have I trained too little? Am I eating too much? Am I eating right? Should I be this tired? This sore? Am I sleeping enough? I feel like I'm precariously perched on the edge of being overtrained and I'm definitely looking forward to a few lighter weeks leading up to the race itself.

(Answers: Probably. Probably not, though I haven't run much. Probably. Probably. Probably not. Probably. Probably not.)

I feel like there's been a definite trade-off between endurance and power over the past eight weeks. In August and September, I was packing in tons of miles and my endurance felt seemingly limitless. Now, though, I've replaced a lot of that volume with shorter interval training and the energy supply doesn't feel nearly as... everlasting. Maybe it's just because I'm sore/tired and haven't been letting myself recover properly, but I have this sinking feeling that I should've kept up the long ride plan another four weeks or so.

This past week, I took Monday off and felt fantastic on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday and Friday were okay: I went out for a long ride with Dan and Bret on Friday and would've liked to have felt stronger through the back half... I took today off, but I don't anticipate feeling fantastic tomorrow. Fortunately, these next two "Peak" weeks have an extra rest day each, so I'll be taking Wednesday off as well. C'mon body, get to recovering. You've just got to do a little bit more fine-tuning before the Big Day.

Hopefully I'm doing this right. Three weeks.