Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Six-Week Freakout

There are now less than six weeks left to prepare for this Ironman and I'll be here in North America for less than five of them. Holy cow, the pressure's on. I've got to get my shit together. I feel like I don't have time to do all of the things I need to do.

I think I'm on track, training-wise. I need to get out for some long, long rides on the time-trial bike these next few weekends. If I could score a century each weekend for the next three, that would be pretty perfect. Swimming should fall into place provided I keep up my weekly VO2 set. If I can force myself to take a 30-minute dip in the bay once per week (wet suit optional), that would be sweet.

As far as running goes, I've reverted to "survival mode." I've run five times in ten days and will continue running 5-7K every other day for another week or two before I start trying to ramp up the mileage in any capacity. I definitely don't want to aggravate the PTT between now and December. Scary thought: I'm not planning a run longer than ten miles between now and the race.

Build phase is breaking me down; I'm not recovering very well right now. I'd like to start sleeping a bit more, but... wouldn't we all? I can't wait to taper.

IMPORTANT: I need to start incorporating some post-ride runs. Maybe I'll start working that in later this week, or early next week.

ALSO IMPORTANT: I need to put the Speedfil back on my bike and draft Kristine to help me do some aid-station drills - grabbing bottles on the go and filling the tank. Transition-area drills would be good, but I might be able to work on that during race-week out in Australia.

And some day, I'll have to give some thought to what happens after the triathlon. But... one thing at a time.