Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Yesterday, I went for my first run in three weeks (and only my third run in five weeks). I was a bit of a basket case all day: I knew I wanted to run, but I had no idea how the run would go. This weird foot injury has been nagging me for a long while now and the last thing I wanted was another flare up.

Anyway, I went to M2 and zipped myself into the crazy machine pictured above. It's an Alter-G treadmill, and it's awesome. The lower half is essentially a pressurized air chamber, kind of like what you'd see on a hovercraft. Once you're all hooked in, the treadmill actually lets you add or subtract body weight my increasing or decreasing the air flow within that chamber.

It's very cool. You can actually adjust your perceived body weight on a single-percentage-point basis. I settled into an easy lope at around 88% and cruised for about forty minutes. It's like walking (or running) on the moon. It's amazing how much easier it is to run as someone ten or twenty pounds lighter!

I could feel some "strangeness" in my foot during the run, especially at above 90%, but no significant pain. Better yet, it's been about twelve hours and I haven't noticed any ill effects. This crazy treadmill might be the answer to my running/training problems - I can still work myself aerobically without having to worry so much about the injuries that seem to follow me where ever I go!