Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Not Broken!

ALRIGHT! After an agonizingly long week of waiting, I finally had my follow-up at the podiatrist today to go over the results of the MRI I had last week. Rather that beat around the bush, I'll just come right out and say it: my foot is not broken! At least, they don't think it's broken: "No low signal fracture line is identified." I've also managed to avoid tearing any ligaments or tendons: "The tibialis anterior and extensor tendons are intact."

Great news for sure, but... if my foot looks healthy, why does it still hurt? The doctors are attributing the pain to some tendonitis. Apparently I have a "cornuate navicular with mild distal tibialis posterior tendiosis." In plain English, that means I have a small bony bump on one of the bones that one of the ligaments on the inside of my foot runs over, and that bony bump is rubbing angrily against the tendon there. Fun stuff.

So... how what? It's been two weeks since I've done any running and I still have mild mid-foot pain. I'm worried that if I do any running, it's just going to re-aggravate the area and I'll be hobbling around for another weekend. They've prescribed me a steroid anti-inflammatory that they think will help the area rid itself of the tendonitis; I'm scheduled to embark on a 17-day course of those meds tomorrow morning. Hopefully they work fast and I can get back to running like a normal person by mid-October?