Thursday, September 30, 2010


Just because I haven't gone for a run in what feels like an eternity doesn't mean I haven't been keeping up with my other disciplines. After the triathlon in mid-September, I enjoyed a scheduled "rest week" before launching into the second phase of my training: Build.

I probably averaged about 25 hours of training per week during my twelve-week Base phase, but all of those hours were long and slow. I was laying a broad foundation with long hours at a low heart-rate. Well, Build is where things get a little bit more interesting - and a little bit less time-consuming.

At this point, I've scaled back from 22-28 hours per week down to 17-20. I've eliminated all of my mid-week rides and replaced them with two high-intensity, power-based spin classes per week. I'm swimming more, but that's only because I'm unable to run. I've upped the intensity in several of those pool sessions and turned one of them (either Tuesday or Thursday morning) into a super-hard VO2 Max workout. Oh, it burns.

I plan to ease back into running in the next week or two. The first Build block ends in about ten days, at which point I'll be able to enjoy a lighter week before embarking on the next one, where I'll probably ratchet down to 15-17 hours per week, but incorporate additional VO2 swims, interval runs and intensity rides.

So... that's the plan. Less than nine weeks to go.