Sunday, August 1, 2010

Under Warranty

Can you spot anything wrong with the picture of my three-week old Cervelo P3, below?

No? Let's take a closer look.

WTF is that metal bit keeping the seatpost clamp away from the carbon?! That shouldn't be there.

The other side is flush. This is how it should be.

When you take the clamp off, it's fairly obvious that something's effed up. Why does the left side have a weird, metal sleeve drilled/glued into the carbon, while the right side is simply threaded into the frame?

To keep the seatpost from falling while I ride it, I have to over-tighten the right-hand side, torquing the carbon post itself and causing the metal screw sleeve on the left-hand side to slide even further out of it's cove. This is not how it's supposed to be.

I'm not going to point any fingers, but this should have been apparent to the shop guys when they built the bike up in the first place. Maybe they didn't realize something was amiss. Maybe they didn't care and just wanted to move this lemon off the lot. Who knows? As long as they help me set things straight, I don't even care.

I took the frame in today to be warrantied. It should be on a truck back to Cervelo by tomorrow afternoon. A replacement had better be on it's way back to me by the end of the week or someone's going to pay.