Saturday, August 7, 2010


Today's ride was kind of awesome in the same way that my last 5.5 hour ride was kind of awesome. (Slight aside: there's a definite difference between fun and awesome. I don't know that either of these rides were that much fun. Very few training rides are actually fun, now that I think about it.)

Just like last time, this ride started like any normal ride - but by the time I had reached Nicasio and hadn't yet clipped out, it became another quest for the elusive "zero-stop" ride. This being a base-mileage ride, it wasn't very fast. I do my best to keep my heart-rate pretty slow.

Last time, I rode to Pt. Reyes and then back via Samuel P. Taylor and down to Tiburon. This time I went to Pt. Reyes and then turned around and rode back the way I came. Curiously, both rides resulted in almost identical numbers. Mileage. Time. Average heart-rate. Average speed. Average "fake computed" power output. Weird. At least I'm consistent.

Anyway, the highlight of this particular ride is: I was successful! I rode out and back, just over five hours and thirty minutes, without stopping or pausing a single time. Crazy.