Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shins and Shoulders

Ten days ago, I put the finishing touches on a massive week of training: 28 hours, about 250 miles on the bike, at least 25,000 yards in the pool and about 30 miles on foot. It was epic. Last week was considerably lighter - only 14 hours, and most of it at an even more relaxed pace than usual. Despite that rest week, I'm still paying for the volumes logged during that last base phase.

I'm most concerned about shin splints, my ages-old arch-nemesis, which have cropped up in both legs and have made running borderline unbearable. I could blame the new orthodics I'm wearing, but it's really my fault. I don't think I gave myself nearly enough "break in" time with them before ratcheting up the mileage.  Anyway, I'm taking all the necessary measures: ice, ibuprofen, compression, elevation... Rest is difficult, but I'm trying to minimize my running this week and next in favor of additional swimming and cycling. As long as my running injuries don't contain the words "stress" or "fracture," I'll be fine.

On top of that, I've developed a bit of shoulder pain (right side). I've never had shoulder problems before - traditionally speaking, my knees are what's always given me problems - but shoulder pain freaks me out. Fortunately, I think this is just a classic case of Swimmer's Shoulder (rotational impingement causing inflammation and tendonitis). For the time being, I am just pushing through and trying to stay away from butterfly. As above, recovery's just a matter of ice, ibuprofen and rest. And maybe some technique adjustments. We'll see what happens; I plan on closely monitoring the discomfort there.