Monday, August 23, 2010

Is the End (of Summer) Near?

Is that sky?
Cold. Windy. Overcast. Damp. Foggy. Gray. These are words I could use to describe just about every training ride I've logged since the middle of June. Weather-wise, this has easily been the most miserable summer of my entire life, and one of the worst that San Francisco has seen in many years.

But then, just last Wednesday, I saw this. Yep. See that vibrant, blue crack in the depressingly thick cloud layer? That's... the sky! Blue sky! On a morning ride!

I can't tell you how excited I was. I think I told everyone I know. "There was sky on the ride today. Actual, blue sky!

Twelve hours later, that crack had sealed up so tight I thought it would never open up again. Thursday, Friday and Saturday were awful. Thick, moist, rolling fog. Bone-chilling gusts off of the Pacific. General crappiness. The works.

Then yesterday happened. It was a beautiful day that started beautiful and stayed that way - a stark contrast to the previous night's frigid temperatures. I wasn't sure the weather would stick - it rarely seems to, any more - and prepared for the worst last night as I set my gear out for this morning's 50-mile cruise over the bridge and through Tiburon.

Much to my surprise, it did stick. And this morning was awesome.

Free at last, free at last?

The sun didn't peak over the horizon until I was already descending into Sausalito and by the time I got to Tiburon itself, it was shining low in the morning sky. Does this mean summer's almost over? Are we finally free of the fog?

A variety of songs tend to play in my head as I ride, but today, I could really only think of one: "Hey, It's The Sun!" by Polyphonic Spree. I don't even really like that song, but if that's what it takes to keep the gray away, I'll happily pay the price.