Friday, July 2, 2010

So far, so good

Alright! I'm a few days into the training program and I don't feel too bad. The real key is being strict about keeping my tempo and effort-levels low. It's more important to end a workout with enough energy to recover in time for the next one than to really bust my ass up Camino Alto. This is Big Picture training right here.

Anyway, I'm 15.5 hours into a 19.5 hour week, meaning I've only got a 4 hour ride remaining - and that'll take place tomorrow. The next four days are actually fairly aggressive: I'm trying to make the week fairly top-heavy so my legs can be "fresh" for the Livestrong Challenge that following Sunday. It's going to be difficult, but I've got Monday and Tuesday off -- should leave plenty of time for bike riding.

I'm fairly comfortable with my diet shift now, too. The book was right: I did feel pretty poor for two weeks, but into the third and I'm starting to feel better and better. And I don't just feel "better" - I feel healthier all-around.

Anyway, I'm just about ready to wrap things up for the weekend. My bike's got a fresh tune-up, a new chain, and the forecast looks good. I'm ready to rock and roll.