Thursday, July 15, 2010

Setting Goals

When I signed up for this Ironman, I had a very modest goal in mind: break the twelve-hour mark. After I finished the Auburn Triathlon in 5:45, I modified that goal a bit - if I can complete the "world's toughest" 70.3 in under six hours, I should definitely be able to finish a flatter 140.6 in under twelve. In fact, I bet I could do it in 11 hours or less.

I've been thinking more and more about this goal, and you know what? I may be under-estimating again. There's a chance - a good chance, depending on how training goes - that I could actually finish this sucker in under ten. Let's do the math. If the swim's 60 minutes (including transition) and the bike is 300 minutes, that leaves 240 minutes for the run. That, my friends, is 600 minutes - ten hours. Granted, the bike leg of that estimate equates to an average speed of over 20 miles per hour... but I have this time trial bike now, don't I?

So... an Ironman in sub-10? Hmm. If I'm going to shoot for sub-10, I'd be wrong not to at least think about the possibility of a Kona-qualifying time. Looking at past results, it seems like qualifiers in my age group vary from as fast as 9 hours to as slow as 9:40. That's a wide range, but never the less... it's something to shoot for. A marathon in 3:30 isn't out of the question, is it?

Something to think about...

[UPDATE July 16: I thought about this a bit more during this morning's 3.5 hour TT-bike cruise and in all honesty, I can't realistically hope for a Kona-qualifying sub 9:30 time. I just don't think it will happen. BUT I think sub-ten is attainable, so that's what I'm going to set my sights on.]