Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The highlight of my four day holiday weekend was Monday's ride. I know, I'm a boring person. Typically, Monday would be my rest day, but thanks to next Sunday's Livestrong Challenge, I've had to reshuffle the week - moving Saturday's long ride to Monday so I can have a rest-day before the big event.

Anyway, I set out on Monday morning feeling fine. The weather in the city was terrible and that gray gloom seemed to hug the bridge and the descent into and out of Sausalito. It wasn't until I crested Camino Alto that the sun began to peak through the clouds. On a cold, foggy day in San Francisco, it was definitely warm and sunny a scant 15 miles to the north.

My bottles were full and I was still feeling fresh as I passed through Fairfax when it hit me: I'd managed the entire ride up to this point without clipping out. That's a rarity, especially considering all of the lights, intersections, stop signs and stupid tourists one must avoid/account on the way out of San Francisco and north. Fairfax is generally the last bit of suburban civilization before forty miles of rural countryside. Could I get out to Pt. Reyes and back (to Fairfax) without pause? Certainly.

I rolled through Pt. Reyes and onward. It was a challenge; I'm so used to stopping at Bovine Bakery or otherwise stretching my legs out-of-the-saddle around mile 40. There was a point on the way out from Nicasio where I decided it was time to remove my arm-warmers and vest -- and I managed to do that all while pedaling.

I'm pretty sure I could have continued past Fairfax without stopping had at least one of my bottles been full, but they weren't so I hopped off my bike and sprinted into the Roastery for a refill. I was rolling again in no time. From Fairfax, I followed the road back to Larkspur and then along Paradise Drive to Tiburon, where I followed the bay back to Sausalito, up over the bridge and home.

It was a long (5:30), pleasant, slightly windy solo ride, and trying to keep off my feet was what made it interesting. All-in-all, I managed to make it home without clipping out more than three times, and not for more than 88 seconds total across the entire duration.

I bet that'll never happen again.