Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rest Week, Best Week

Last week was the fourth week in the first of six four-week cycles, and the fourth week of any cycle is always a rest week. Rest doesn't mean "off," but compared to the previous week's 26.5 hours, 14 hours felt like a vacation.

I was really starting to break down during that third week, so rest week was perfectly timed. Paring down from 3.5+ hours per day to 2 hours per day (or less) really allowed me to get my energy levels back up and mentally reset in advance of Base 2, which started on Sunday with a longer-than-normal run, hour-long swim and a 2-hour recovery ride.

That morning, I woke up extra early to run with a segment of the San Francisco Marathon as it passes quite close to where I live. I stuck with the flow of runners all the way up and onto the Golden Gate Bridge before turning around and heading home. It was so much fun to run with that many people, and to top that off, I felt pretty darn good too.

Now it's Tuesday, which means I'm two days into 21 before rest week #2. Lock and load.