Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Random Notes

I hit the deck on Saturday morning. I'm not really sure how it happened - one second I'm riding comfortably toward the back of a large pack of cyclists and the next second the guy in front of me is on the ground and I've got no where to go but down with him. Our bikes tangled and my big chain ring dug into my leg a bit, but I was able to walk away relatively unscathed. It's a good thing we weren't going any faster than 15-18 miles per hour.

There's something badass about riding 80 miles with a rivulet of blood running down the front of your leg. Cleaned up, this actually doesn't look so bad. It didn't hurt either. In fact, the only bad thing about the crash was losing contact with the other guys I had been riding with!

Since the "dietary overhaul" I embarked upon last month, my breakfasts have been completely revolutionized. No starches and no dairy means none of my usual staples: pancakes, toast, oatmeal, cold cereal. I was forced to discover (yes, discover) eggs and most fruits. Yeah, you heard right: I never really ate eggs or strawberries or grapes or any of that stuff before this diet began. I know, I know - I was missing out.

Anyway, I'm now eating all of the above for breakfast every day - and you know what? Breakfast has become my absolute favorite meal. Check out what I had this morning: huge strawberries, fresh raspberries, delicious blueberries, a ton of diced pineapple and a few eggs scrambled.

Side note: I had also been lamenting a severe dietary lack of "things to put ketchup on." We just don't have burgers or french fries all that often around here and now fries are totally out of the equation. Fortunately, scrambled eggs nicely fill that vacancy and have become my primary vehicle for lycopene intake.

Update: I'm now being told my some that, "Ketchup on eggs is gross," and it's become quite the little mini-debate on Buzz. I didn't realize this was such a contentious issue!

I was at a stoplight in Corte Madera on Sunday afternoon and saw this tricked-out awesome-mobile idling at the light with me. CHECK OUT THAT SPOILER! Brings me back to high school, when my friend Ron would always talk about hand-building a spoiler for his car out of Bondo. It takes balls to ride around with a three-foot spoiler like that, especially on a 3.5 cylinder piece-of-crap from the mid-80's.