Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Man Down

I received some pretty serious news last week. Alex, my good friend and Ironman co-conspirator, is no longer able to make the journey. I would've let him tell you himself, but he only posted on this blog once (and probably doesn't even read it) - so why should he start now? Dudes get busy.

The "why" is no laughing matter; it has something to do with Visas and immigration documents and US-Bermuda relations and so forth. I'll be completely honest with you: this doesn't come as any huge surprise. I've been mentally preparing myself for the distinct possibility that this would be a solo mission since, well... since we signed up in March. And the legal back-and-forth leading up to this final "go/no-go" has been long and drawn out.

So there you have it. Man down. Suck.

Fittingly enough, I've decided on various separate occasions over the past few months that if I were a Top Gun-style fighter pilot, my call sign would be "Solo." I'm a fairly self-sufficient person. I'm not antisocial - I definitely enjoy the company of others. Maybe it's a trait I acquired during my consulting days - when my friends aren't around, interested or available for something on my itinerary, I have no problem going it alone. I guess this is no different from anything else, really - I'll just be going it alone down under.