Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hours and Sense

I just finished my Tuesday afternoon swim, meaning I'm done all of my scheduled workouts for the holiday weekend. I'm beat. Let's recap:
  • Saturday - 4.5 hour ride to Nicasio and Tiburon
  • Sunday - 1.5 hour swim, 1 hour run, 2.5 hour easy (but windy) ride
  • Monday - 5.5 hour ride
  • Tuesday - 2.5 hour recovery ride, 1 hour pace run, 1 hour recovery swim
So... that's 19 hours in four days. I guess my total mileage really won't be impressive because my time's split amongst three disciplines, but let's break it down for comparison. Let's say I spent all nineteen hours doing one discipline only. For you cyclists out there, let's say I average 17 miles per hour -- that's a 323-mile weekend. Runners, let's say I run 7 miles in an hour -- that'd be 133 miles since Saturday. Swimmers, hmm... 3,800 yards an hour? Yep, that'd be over 72,000 yards in four days.

In other news, I have no life!