Monday, June 21, 2010

Nice n' easy

The fitness high I described last week has worn off. I'm back to feeling sluggish and somewhat tired, so I took it easy this weekend with a run, a 70-mile ride, a 2,500-yard swim and a 30-mile ride (+30 miles of test rides, see below). Okay, so that might not sound easy... but I really didn't push much (if any) of those. My average heart rate over both rides was probably close to (if not under) 130. That's pretty chill for me.

I don't feel too bad about that - this week is scheduled to be a light week anyway. The calm before the storm, if you will. Next week, all hell will break loose when the 24-week Ironman program begins and I'll be glad I let myself enjoy this one final week of rest.

Furthermore, I'm now a full week into my diet revision and things aren't bad. I definitely don't feel super strong, but that's common during the first two weeks of a transition like this. From what I'm reading, I won't really start noticing any improvements until the third or fourth weeks... I've just got to stick to this long enough to start enjoying them!

On the fun side, I spent a long while getting acquainted with a well-equipped Cervelo P3 on Sunday morning. The bike was done up with SRAM Red components, a 404 front wheel and a 1080 rear. My first test ride on a time-trial bike was uncomfortable. This go 'round, I had more time to really settle in and get my bearings. That aero position is definitely sweet and the P3 is surely a triathlon machine... but would I be better off spending more money (and waiting longer) for a next-generation frame like the Trek Speed Concept?

UPDATE - I just got off the phone with the local Trek specialist. There is currently a 54-day lead time for a Speed Concept. Add two weeks for shipment and build-up and that's 68-days... and that's longer than I'm willing to wait. It's back to the drawing board, sort of: P3 or P4?