Monday, June 14, 2010

Days Go By

I felt surprisingly good in the days after this past week's Sequoia 200K. I seem to recall being unable to safely descend stairs out of soreness last year. This time around, it wasn't so. I'm going to attribute that to better base fitness, better on-bike nutrition, and SportLegs. They might actually work.

I seemed to cruise through most of the past week - my swim practices on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were all fantastic. Friday was rough, as Friday's typically are: my shoulders were dead. I feel strong in the water lately, and smooth on the bike. I even snuck in a run or two last week, just to remind my body that running still exists.

On Saturday, Mike P. and I set out early for a trip to Pt. Reyes. It was gloriously warm. We pushed a little harder in parts than I really wanted to go, but it was a good time; we were out and back by noon. I managed to climb both Camino Alto (Mill Valley side) and White's Hill out-of-the-saddle, and even set a PR on Camino Alto (Larkspur side) coming back.

I stopped by a bike shop that afternoon to test-ride a Cervelo P3. It was... interesting. The aero position feels incredibly fast, but it's something I'm going to have to get used to; I'm not entirely comfortable perched out front like that.

My neighbors had a party on Saturday night. I celebrated by drinking a few more beers than I probably should've. (Actually, heck, the 24-week program doesn't start for another week yet, so I'll drink all the beer I want.) I thought I'd pay for that (and my lack of sleep) on Sunday morning's early trip out and up Camino Alto, the first part of a bike/run brick. Much to my surprise, I posted my second-fastest time EVER up that benchmark climb. Cool!

Like I said, I'm really starting to feel strong on the bike... my mission now will be holding myself back. I can't afford to go all-out on every climb every weekend. It needs to be nothing but base miles 'til September. Zone 2 for life.