Sunday, May 9, 2010

Suited up.

I hit all of my targets this weekend: a 100-mile ride in 6 hours on Saturday, a 40 mile recovery ride on Sunday morning, an eight-mile pace run on Sunday afternoon, and my first-ever swim in the bay.


I took the wetsuit out for it's first spin 'round Aquatic Park - a semi-buoyed off section of open water at the northern tip of the city. The water was a balmy 56-degrees, but thanks to that suit, I felt none of it. My hands and feet could've been warmer, but if I had to complain about any part of me, I'd have to say: my face was cold. My arms, legs and core, though? Completely comfortable!

For the record, I'm wearing an Xterra Vector Pro X2. It's awesome - super comfortable, fits great, and insanely warm. Can't wait to dominate in Auburn in two weeks' time!