Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bike To Work Day

I was able to re-arrange my workouts a bit this week, shifting a run forward a day and my ride backward a day in honor of Bike To Work Day.

My runs (Tuesday and Wednesday, 5 miles a piece) were both very slow... my legs probably haven't yet recovered from this weekend's 140 miles on the bike (+8 miles running), despite taking Monday off. It's funny - I actually didn't feel too tired on Monday. It wasn't until Tuesday morning that I woke up and felt like I'd been hit by a freight train. This seems to be a running theme: I'm generally more tired the day after a rest day than on the rest day itself. I guess my body's so used to constant abuse that it actually takes 24 hours for it to realize, "Oh holy hell, I am destroyed."

Anyway, B2WD owned, as usual. I got a bunch of Mission Cycling Headlands Raiders (the weekday pre-work ride crew) and we fried a big fish (Mt. Tam) before 9 AM. It was a pretty sweet climb. The descent was hardly uneventful: Dan had a mysterious double-flat waterbottle-explosion incident that left us all baffled.

Ten days 'til race day.