Wednesday, May 5, 2010

20 for 10

My sister flew into town this past weekend, so I took Friday and Saturday off as far as training's concerned. But in the ten days before her visit, I managed two workouts a day without missing a single one. That's right: ten days of double workouts in a row.

That's pretty sweet.

I actually felt very good until that final swim on Thursday night, and that's when everything just collapsed. But it was a well-earned collapse, and those days off were well-earned too. Unfortunately, I wasn't "resting" per se - we spent the entire weekend doing touristy things, and walking, and walking, and walking. I expected my legs to be fresh for my slightly hungover Paradise Loop spin and that was definitely not the case.

Either way, it felts pretty good knowing that when I need to binge on workouts, my body's up to the task.