Friday, April 9, 2010

Returning to Routine

It's been business as (mostly) usual here in San Francisco - I'm getting back into my normal routine after missing over a week of swim practice. Fortunately, my back is feeling a lot better and I was able to log some solid yardage on Wednesday afternoon.

This weekend, I'm participating in the US Half Marathon - a race that starts not more than a mile from my apartment, travels over the Golden Gate Bridge and back. It should be a good time, though I'm not expecting a whole lot. I've been pushing my legs to adapt to a more frequent running schedule (four runs per week instead of three) and the prospect of Sunday rain means tomorrow's long ride needs to be even longer. There's no doubt in my mind that when I take the start on Sunday, my legs are already going to be sore.

After this weekend, I hope to be fully back into routine - 20,000 yards per week, 170-200 miles per week riding, and 20-25 miles per week running - until the Half Iron in late May. (One exception - my sister's coming out for a visit in three weeks. I'm going to conveniently schedule some downtime then.)

Fingers crossed that the injury bug stays away!