Saturday, April 3, 2010

Back in Action

I took Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off and my back condition seemed to steadily improve with rest. Unfortunately, rest is f---ing boring! You'd be amazed at just how much I am able to accomplish at work when I don't spend 4+ hours each day training (or thinking about training). Anyway, today, I just couldn't take it any more - it was time for me to saddle up and get back to it. So I did.

Riding actually doesn't bother my back very much, so long as I stay in the saddle and keep my core active. It's the twisting and rotating (and use of my lats) that really kills me in the pool - I'm going to give myself another day or two before I (gingerly) try to get back into the water.

Anyway, I managed an 88-miler with some pretty intense segments in the first 40 miles. Good weather, favorable winds, good stuff. Then I had the shop take another quick look at the placement of my cleats before swapping my bike shoes for sneakers and logging a 4.5 mile run.

Running actually does hurt my back a little bit - my upper body definitely isn't as stable on foot as it is in the saddle. I might take it easy there for the next few days, too... but I've gotta do what it takes to be ready for the half-marathon I'm signed up to run next Sunday.