Friday, March 12, 2010

Special Delivery

When it comes to conquering the third leg, my plan of attack is three-fold. In my last post, I wrote about forced recovery days and walking. The second prong of my running trident is equipment-related.

I need to invest in the health of my feet, calves and knees. Running doesn't require a whole lot of equipment. I already found a good pair of running shoes -- and bought three sets of 'em. As soon as one starts to wear, I'm moving on to the next set.

Recovery is going to be incredibly important over the next few months, especially after long runs. That's why I ordered these (see picture). Yep, compression tights, socks and calf guards. I already have a pair of full-length tights that I wear mostly to recover from long rides - this stuff is running-specific. Hope it works!