Saturday, March 20, 2010


Today I set out to do what I've decided to call a Declining-distance Triathlon.

It started with a 2.4 mile swim: a 400 warm-up and a 400 warm-down with two 1650's (one swim @ 22:00, one pull @ 21:30) in between. All told, I think I was swimming for about 52 minutes.

Then I transitioned to the bike, meeting up with Mission Cycling's usual Saturday morning ride and logging a cool 56 (+3) miles. I'm trying to keep things pretty light on the bike, but I wind up tempted to pull out the stops. I definitely climbed Camino Alto faster than intended - dropping most of the bunch to post my second fasted time ever on that little hill. My heart rate was also entirely too high on Paradise Drive, but it's really hard to tackle those perfect curves without wanting to push things a bit. 3:30 rolling time thanks to Marin's hills, but there were a few group stops mixed in that made actual time much higher than that.

The last leg was a 10K run, which, as I've mentioned previously, I do not try to time... I stopped to talk to a friend for a while and still made it home in under an hour, so that's good. Super windy on the way out, but that means a tailwind on the way home. Highlight: narrowly avoiding decapitation at the hands of a massive kite on Chrissy Field.

There you have it: an Ironman swim, a Half Ironman ride and an Olympic run -- the DDT. Now I'm pretty beat and probably more than a little bit dehydrated!